In order to insure that the objectives of CHAMELEON will be met, 12 partners from 5 different countries, 9 of them SMEs, have formed the CHAMELEON Consortium. IDEKO research centre is the project leader.

The consortium is made up of a wide range of skills, experience and interest around machine tool performance improvement and new advanced components, with the wish to link these new devices with an intelligent control system that adapts the machine according to the process requirements.

The RTD centres (IDEKO, TEKNIKER, RWTH-AACHEN, FAGOR AOTEK) will develop cutting edge technologies to be added to the adaptronic machine, including varied subjects such as advanced intelligent software, levitating spindles or precision part movement based on artificial vision.

The machine tool component manufacturers (CEDRAT, MICROMEGA, MATZAT, GOIALDE) will design and build several advanced devices with the expertise that only a company devoted to that specific product can provide.

The machine tool manufacturers (SORALUCE, DST) will provide the technological assistance to the RTD centres and component manufacturers about the necessary specifications that the final adaptronic machine must meet. They will also assist the other partners with their knowledge in machining processes.

And last but not least the machine tool final users (KALE AERO and SEEB companies), will validate the adaptronic machine by supervising the machining of several parts with the adaptronic machine. These companies will support the rest of the partners with their expertise in workpiece machining.

Thanks to the cooperation plan designed for the project there will be an intensive cooperation between the partners, specially among those working in the same task, or with related tasks. The information flow has been specially defined to keep all members of the Consortium aware of the project status.